2019 Primal Team


Bobby Bowman - Team Captain

In 2017 I got my first kayak which is a Native Slayer Propel 13 and I haven’t looked back. I run a Torqueedo 403c and attached with a SlipSteam Mach 1 mount.

Facebook: bbowman2002 Instagram: @bbowman2002 Twitter: @bbowman2002
Fishbrain: bbowman2002 Youtube: bbowman2002


Mark Yaldua - Ambassador

Mark has been with us from the beginning...possibly my very first customer before the SlipStream was even on the market. He has been an avid supporter of ours and is a natural fit for the Ambassador Program.

Mark is a retired 20 year Navy veteran. Originally from Iowa but stayed in California after retiring from the military. He started fishing as a kid and bass fishing for the last 30 years.

Mark's current fishing platform is a 2017 Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 equipped with a Torqeedo 403C using an Easy Mount Slipstream Mach 1 motor mount and now, an Easy Mount V-Force steering bracket.



Chris has been fishing both fresh and saltwater since the age of 10 when introduced to fishing by his step-father.

In 2012 he purchased his first fishing kayak and has been hooked ever since. Chris spends most of his free time fishing the local waters of north jersey, promoting the sport of kayak fishing and is a volunteer fishing coach with the New Jersey Chapter of Heroes On The Water.

Chris is the cofounder and President of the North Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club. Chris currently is a member of Team Bonafide and YakAttack fishing teams and fishes out of a Bonafide SS 127


Jay Brown - Ambassador

Jay is an avid freshwater angler from southern Ontario Canada who was introduced to kayak fishing back in 2014.

He Fishes out of a new Bonafide SS127 fitted with the Slipstream Mach 1, V-Force Steering bracket and powered by MinnKota.

“Whether I am out locally or in some remote location, I need to rely on and have confidence in the products I use, and that’s why I chose EasyMount for my setup”. Jay Brown

Jamie Broad.jpg


Like many of us Jamie began fishing at an early age, starting with trips to the lake with his great grandmother. From those cane pole fishing trips sitting on a 5gallon bucket came a love of fishing that he is passing down to his kids.
When I asked Jamie how he got started in kayak fishing he said, “I bought my first kayak in 2012 for my son and I to have some fun. Its probably been the best purchase I’ve ever made.”
In 2017 he fished his kayak bass tournament. Two years later he holds multiple Angler of the Year Awards and has competed in more than 80 tournaments.

Sponsors: Primal, Ketch Products, TourneyTag, McCain Rods, Line Cutterz


Colby Badeaux - Ambassador

We could spend all day telling you about how he was running a boat from the time he was 9 to the the list of local tournaments he's won, and all the other things that make this young man so impressive.
Instead, let's just hit the highlights -
- 2nd in the 2017 Bass Masters High School Classic.
- Won the Bass Master High school open on lake Hartwell in South Carolina in March.
- Qualified to fish in the High School National Championship in Kentucky lake in Tennessee as well as the 2020 high school Bass Masters Classic in Alabama next year.

in 2020 he will move into the adult Bass Master opens after graduation.

We see an extremely bright future ahead of this young man!