What you need to know.

Do you ship to other countries?

We will have a dealer in Cananda very soon, but other than that, due to regulations, VAT, and other factors, we do not ship out of the country.
However, if you know someone in the U.S. we are happy to ship to them. You can then have them ship it to you.

What is included with the SlipStream, Mach 1

  • 4-bolt pattern mounting plate or the mounting plate unique to your kayak.

  • SlipStream – Outer body, Inner Body, lynchpin, cotter pin, mounting hardware.


Will the SlipStream fit my kayak?

If your kayak is Power Pole - Micro Anchor ready, it will fit. If you are unsure as to whether or not it is “power pole ready” please contact the manufacturer of the kayak.

What is the largest motor you can use with the SlipStream, Mach 1?

  • It is rated for a 30 pound thrust motor with a max weight of 9 pounds.

How does the SlipStream attach to the kayak?

The SlipStream is designed to attach via the 4-bolt pattern designed for the power pole. Most premium kayaks now feature this mounting area on the stern of the kayak.


What size trolling motor will it handle?

It will handle a Torqeedo or typical motor up to 30 pound thrust. It may handle stronger than that, but we have not tested for it.

The two main factors in determining whether or not the mount will handle a specific motor are the shaft diametere, and the weight of the motor.

Currently, the Minn Kota 30 pound thrust is the heaviest we suggest using…it comes in at a whopping 9 pounds.


What else do i need to complete the install?

You may need steering cables, sliding foot pegs or other type of steering mechanism, and a battery.


Will it accommodate steering cables?



Do you do installations?

For liability reasons we are not able to do installs.


Can i buy a full trolling motor kit?

Yes. The Torqeedo and Bixpy kits come with everything you need except the foot controls, and steering cables. We also give you a $100 discount on the SlipStream.


What kayak & trolling motor, do you have, and how fast will it go?

I have a 30# thrust Minn Kota, a Torqeedo Ultralight 403c and a Bixpy on an Bonafide SS127. Trimmed properly, I can maintain 5.5 miles per hour with the Torqeedo. The Minn Kota and Bixpy tend to be in the 4.5mph range.


Why isn’t the trolling motor vertical on the SlipStream?

When under power, the nose of the kayak will lift and the stern will drop. By kicking the motor out on a 22* – 45* angle your trolling motor shaft will end up in a vertical orientation. Why is that important? Speed? When the kayak and motor are properly trimmed, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in your top end speed.