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Why did Primal choose FlipRocks?

At Primal, we believe you are either part of the Tribes, or you are part of The Forgotten. The Tribes are the outdoor communities made up of people who love being in nature. The Forgotten are the ones that no longer feel the pull of the outdoors and a life more Primal.

FlipRocks is a great example of a company offering a product that not only appeals to many Tribes, but can also be adapted to each adventure.


What are FlipRocks?

FlipRocks are flip flops with a unique patented gripping system that adapt to a wide range of applications.
Each GripToeNite gripping pad can be attached to the FlipRocks flip flop creating different extreme traction applications.
Coupled with a molded toe guard and their unique four wheel drive strap system you’re ready to hit the trails or the water with confidence.


For Men and Women!

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FlipRocks for Kids

These unique convertable flipflops are also offered in kids sizes for boys and girls.


GripToenite grip pads

The base of this extreme grip is specially formulated rubber composites to maximize traction in aquatic environments. As if that weren’t enough to get you down to the river they’ve added spikes (optional) to make sure that your footing is firmly planted even when your traversing slime-covered rocks in a raging river in pursuit of bass, steelhead, trout, salmon or whatever your angling passion.

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