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There are only two types of people in the world. Those who belong to the Primal Tribes…and The Forgotten.

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Whats Your Tribe?

You may not know it, but you are part of a Tribe, and you are surrounded by The Forgotten.

Some of the tribes are obvious, others are more subtle. But the fact is, other tribe members will easily recognize you.

The tribes are countless and unnamed, but are recognized by one thing. An overwhelming need to escape back to a more primal lifestyle. Those moments surrounded by creation, when technology is left behind.

The Angler. The Camper. The Hiker. The Biker. The Diver. Each a member of at least one tribe…maybe more.


The Forgotten

The Forgotten are those who have forgotten their roots. Forgotten where they came from. Forgotten what gives us life. They crave the excess of modern life. The night clubs. The corporate mixers. Climbing the ladder and always running the race. They crave the glitz and glamor, the lights and noise of city life. They have settled for something…..less.

Simply put, The Forgotten are those who no longer feel the pull of the primal life.


Where do you belong?

While you may live among The Forgotten in your day to day life, stuck in a cubicle, typing away at a keyboard….those moments do not define you. We call that the “life in between”……between the opportunities to escape back to nature.

Ask yourself this…..What pulls you? Technology, or something more….Primal?

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