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At Primal Outdoors we are always looking for ideas, but lets be honest, sometimes the best ideas come from customers.

If you have an idea for a product that you’ve been toying with, but haven’t been able to bring to market, let us help.

How does it work?

  • To be considered for production, the idea must be specific. Lets take the well known fishing app as an example.

    • You couldn’t say, “I think you should make a fishing app.” Thats too generic…nothing to work with.

    • But if you said, “I think you should make a fishing app that allows you to log your catch, the weather, water conditions, and also provides topography information about the lake bottom”…Now we’ve got something to work with.

  • If you submit an idea that is too general, you will be asked to provide a more detailed description of your idea.

  • If an idea that you submit is brought to market, we will pay you $500.00 and give you one of the first units off the production line.

  • You will be given a Submission Reference Number. If two people submitt the same idea, or one that is largely the same, the Submission Reference Number will be what determins who may lay claim to the idea.

  • In submitting an idea for consideration, you understand and agree that the compensation mentioned above ($500.00 and one unit) will be considered “full compensation.”

    • Let’s be clear: “Full compensation” means you fully release the idea, any rights to it, and any future revenue associated with the production and sale of the product to Primal Outdoors in exchange for $500 and one of the first units off the line. Compensation for the idea only applies IF the product is brought to market.


Note from the Owner:

We consider the ideas that our customers submit to be a great resource…one that we want to continue for a very long time. As such…WE WANT TO PAY YOU.

Our goal is not to steal your ideas.
For starters, thats just wrong, and not the way we do business. Additionally, if we were to take your idea and not compensate you for it, others would learn what happened and people stop submitting ideas. Its just bad business all the way around.

If you submit an idea that is taken to market, we will honor our end of the agreement.

- Daniel Reach, Owner
Primal OutDoors

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Submission agreement: I have fully read the agreement above and understand that by submitting an idea I am fully releasing the idea to Primal Outdoors. If the idea is brought to market I understand that I will receive a one time payment of $500 and one unit (associated with the project) as compensation. I also agree that Primal Outdoors is under no further obligation. In submitting this idea, I agree to the terms stated above and release it fully and in entirety. *