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Why did Primal choose BRD Skins?

At Primal, we believe you are either part of the Tribes, or you are part of The Forgotten. The Tribes are the outdoor communities made up of people who love being in nature. The Forgotten are the ones that no longer feel the pull of the outdoors and a life more Primal.

What better way to say, “This is my Tribe” than with a custom designed kayak skin from BRD.


Just a wrap?

The vinyl on your standard wrap is 2 mil thick. If they laminate the vinyl, that adds another 2 mil.

The vinyl used to make a BRD kayak skin is 3 mil thick and the laminate is 10.5 thick, for a total of 13.5 mil!

4 mil thick vs 13.5 mil.


What can I skin?

For the moment, BRD is focusing on skinning specific kayaks (listed below), paddles, and black packs.
Some kayaks, such as the Hobie Pro Angler have the option of skinning the hatch covers and rear deck.

Which Kayaks are available?

Hobie All models (depends on the year it was made)
Old Towne PDL

And more on they way.


Can I order the Primal Skin?

YES! You can. And we can customize it to match your kayak. Lets say you have a red kayak. We can change out the blue in the skin for red to create a Black Widow effect.


Types of Skins

Standard: A skin that is pre-designed for a specific type of kayak.

Custom: A skin that is designed per the customers instructions to promote a concept, company, YouTube Channel, or organization.


Make it your own

The design options are only limited by your creativity. Do you have a cause you want to champion? Maybe you have a YouTube channel you want to promote. The designers at BRD will make your concept come to life.
Do you represent sponsors? Why not ask them to chip in on the cost? Every company out there wants their logo prominently displayed in videos and at tournaments. What better way to get their logo in front of their potential customers!


How Much?

The short answer? They average $400-$600.

Why the price range instead of a specific price?
There are two main variables that go into pricing: Standard vs Custom & The type of kayak.


What is the ordering process?

Click the contact button below and provide us with the following information:
- Make and Model of your kayak
- Are you interested in a standard or custom Skin?
- If a custom kayak, a very brief description of what you’d like to do. Don’t sweat this part. Just a basic idea is great.

From there you’ll be put in touch with BRD and their design team.