Bixpy Jet / SlipStream Mach 1

Bixpy Jet / SlipStream Mach 1


With the Bixpy / SlipStream Mach 1 kit (from PRIMAL), you can attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any kayak, canoe or similar watercraft. The new shorter shaft is perfect for kayaks, but still long enough to allow you to set the depth properly.

As with all SlipStream mounts, this kit is perfect for all Power Pole ready kayaks. However, the kit can also be retrofitted onto some kayaks. Please download the template to confirm it will fit your kayak, prior to order, if your kayak is not power pole ready.

Installation of the Bixpy / SlipStream kit is as simple as insterting and tightenting 4 bolts to attach it to the kayak, and dropping the motor in using the quick install/release hinge bar. (See video for details.)

A Bixpy Jet can boost your kayak to speeds of up to 7 MPH (11 km/h), with 10 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds. You control your Bixpy Jet with a wireless remote that is included with every Outboard Power Pack. And the SlipStream ensures that if your Bixpy strikes a submerged object, it will lift out of the way. This feature greatly reduces the chances of damaging your Bixpy Jet.

What kind of speed can you expect: Average of 4.5mph but as high as 6.5mph.

Kit Includes:

  • Bixpy Jet

  • Kayak adapter shaft

  • Remote control

  • Lithium Batter

  • SlipStream, Mach 1


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