SlipStream, Mach 1 and V-Force combo kit

SlipStream, Mach 1 and V-Force combo kit


The SlipStream, Mach 1 from PRIMAL is a one of a kind trolling motor mount that allows you to quickly and easily add a motor to your kayak. It's hard angles and multiple facets were modled after the stealth fighter, F117.


Typically ships within 4-5 days.

If your kayak is Power Pole ready, but requires a special mounting plate (I.E. Hobie, Atak) you will need that mounting plate from your kayak manufacturer.

How do I know it will fit my kayak?

If your kayak will accommodate a Micro Anchor Power Pole, then the SlipStream should fit your kayak. We haven't found one it wont fit yet. If for some reason it doesn't fit, we will refund your money and pay to have it shipped back.


  • Quick Release for getting on and off the lake fast.

  • Hinge that allows the motor to lift completely out of the water.

  • 14" of vertical trim

  • 45* of rotational trim

The 14" arms for vertical trim also double as skeg's. The leading arms are "sharpened" for better hydrodynamic flow.


Outer Body: 3/4" Marine Grade, UV resistant Starboard.

Inner Body: 1/2" Marine Grade, UV resistant Starboard

Important: Max motor weight - 9 pounds.

Be sure to check out the instructional videos below! They’ll answer a lot of your questions.

V-Force Steering bracket

Named after the G-forces pilots endure during flight, the V-Force’  unique design gives you the ability to conduct highly aggressive turns when needed or simply maneuver more precisely in tight spaces.  

Seriously though, get the feel for it before you try any of the hard turns at speed. It can literally spin a kayak on it’s nose, which means if you’re not ready it could possibly throw you out of the kayak.

Most steering brackets put the attachment point in-line with the motor shaft. The G-Force puts the attachment point 4 inches behind the motor shaft, which means a dramatic increase in the turning radius of the motor, and your kayak.

For best results you’ll want to have at least 3-4 inches of travel in your steering device.

Always act responsibly when using a trolling motor on your kayak. Your safety and that of those around you depend on it.


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WARNING: These products contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.