Submit your ideas here!

 Primal is excited to announce a new collaboration project with the very anglers we serve.

How does it work? Pretty simple.

  1. You have an idea for a new product but might not have the means to see it come to production.

  2. Complete the submission form and send the idea in to us.

  3. If we aren’t already working on a product in this category, we will accept the application and review it for product viability.

  4. If accepted, Primal has up to one year to bring it to market. If it’s not brought to market during the 1 year period, the application expires unless both parties agree to extend it.

  5. Once the product is brought to market, you will receive $500 and one of the first production models off the line.

What are we looking for? Any or all of the following:

  • Products that solve a problem.

  • Products that are “outdoor” related. (I.E. Kayaking, Fishing, Hiking, etc)

  • Products that make a major, and unique change to existing generic products. The crate is a good example. Many companies make crates. Its their unique properties that make them a viable commercial product. (Not accepting submissions for crates at this time)

  • Physical or digital products. If digital, they must have a very specific function not currently available.

  • Specifics! Obviously a suggestion that we develop a fishing app wouldn’t be enough. But a fishing app that shows all weather & water conditions, logs your catches, shows lake bottom topo maps, etc, may be. (Please don’t submit this idea, as it already exist.)

What do we promise?

  • We won’t steal your idea: Inspiration for new products can be a hard thing to come by. We want to be known for accepting product ideas, bringing the great ones to market, and then paying you for it! If we start stealing ideas, it’ll become known very quickly and lots of bad things happen. Not to mention…that’s not the kind of company or people we are.

  • We want you to be involved in the development: While we can’t involve you in every aspect, we will involve you as much as possible, especially during the testing phase.

What to be aware of:

  • We currently have 3 products under development that have not been announced to the public. If for some reason your product were to overlap with one of those current projects, the product submission would not be accepted. However, these are very specific, unique products. For you to submit an idea that overlapped with one of them would be highly unlikely.

  • If we don’t accept the submission, its not personal. We have to look at a wide variety of factors when planning out the upcoming projects. If we can’t help bring your product to market, we will let you know as quickly as we can so that you can pursue other options.

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Does this product currently exist in any form? *
If Yes, have you shared it on social media? *
Answering yes does not automatically disqualify the idea from being submitted. We simply want to know if they product is public knowledge.
Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement regarding this product? *
Do you have any drawings or sketches of the product concept? If not, would you be willing to draw it out if needed? *
We do not need professional drawings. Basic sketches with rough measurements will suffice.
Answering yes does not automatically disqualify it from consideration. Multiple companies make tackle crates...its the uniqueness that makes them viable products.
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