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What is the V-Force?

Named after the G-forces pilots endure during flight, the V-Force’ unique design gives you the ability to conduct highly aggressive turns when needed or simply maneuver more precisely in tight spaces.

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How is it different?

Most steering brackets put the attachment point in-line with the motor shaft. The V-Force puts the attachment point 4 inches behind the motor shaft, which means a dramatic increase in the turning radius of the motor, and your kayak.


See the V-Force in action?

The V-Force truly is the most aggressive, efficient steering bracket on the market, and here’s the proof.

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Discussing the V-Force and where you can get more of that pink tape.


The hinge and clamp.

Many kayakers have DIY motor setups that are hard wired together. This makes adding a traditional one piece steering bracket problematic, which is why we designed the V-Force in two pieces. The hinge on the back allows you to install it without disassembling your set up. Simply tighten the nose clamp and you’re all set.

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WARNING: These products contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.